Language Paper 2 – Flogging an Apprentice, 1896

This report in Reynolds’ Newspaper from 1896 details the case of an employer who was charged with flogging (whipping) his young apprentice worker.

NewsAt Sunbury Petty Sessions1 William Thomas Nash, 25, a baker, of Laleham-road, Staines, was charged with assaulting and beating Egbert Allen, fifteen years of age, by striking him on the body with a whip-stock. Prisoner pleaded “Guilty,” and elected to be dealt with summarily.

John Warricker, a builder’s foreman, said the prisoner struck the boy a number of times with the whip, and then he struck him full in the face with his fist and knocked him down. Afterwards witness found that the boy was bruised from head to foot, and his right eye was bleeding profusely2. Witness therefore took the boy to the police station where he was examined by a doctor, and later prisoner was charged.

Police-constable Scott said he arrested prisoner, and in answer to witness he said: “Yes ; I 1-flogging-19th-century-granger-canvas-printgave him a – good thrashing with the handle of a whip. He has been neglecting my customers.” After a short consultation, the Bench sentenced the prisoner to two months’ hard labour, without the option of a fine. Mr. Young said, under the circumstances, prisoner was entitled to appeal against the decision of the Court, and there were persons in court who would enter into recognizances3 for the appearance of his client at the next quarter sessions.

The Bench allowed the appeal, and the Rev. G. W. Briscoe and Mr. Charles Tolley, a master baker, of Staines, were accepted as sureties4.



1 court hearing

2 heavily

3 guarantees

4 people who will make sure of the guarantees