btfGuys,  it’s like this: if you can’t, don’t or won’t read, then you are going to lose at least a grade in your English exams.  The exam board think you DO read and they are going to be testing you with questions that they think you can answer.  Those answers – and the grades you get from them – will determine the rest of your life.  This blog may be your best friend; it MAY be your only chance…

Welcome to Mr. Brickley’s special blog for William Brookes School GCSE students. This is for current Yr.11 students AND current Yr.10 students, but I don’t mind if bright sparks from KS3 pop in for a browse as long as they ask their elders and betters.

None of the content is mine – I scour the web looking for texts which will develop your reading ready for the English Language exams.  When I’ve found them, I post them here, one per week (more often sometimes).

I know this sounds like “work” but I genuinely want you to enjoy reading the material. Don’t – whatever you do – click away from the site simply because the passage didn’t interest you or you found it too long!  Please stay with it – read the whole thing and I promise you that, over time, it WILL make a difference to your reading.

The texts I publish are similar to the sort of texts used by AQA for their reading exam texts. In this way, you will be become increasingly familiar with a range of non-fiction & media AND fiction texts, becoming a more practised reader as you do so.

You should carefully read the text and then take the test which follows. This whole exercise should take you about 20mins so DO NOT TRY TO CUT CORNERS and NEVER just guess at the answers.

There will always be 3 questions to the test, focusing on the following 3 areas:


Anyway, enough of my yakking.  Click on any of the links to the left of the page to get to the texts. (If you’re on a phone or tablet and you don’t see the links, try rotating your screen into landscape mode – the links will then appear somewhere on the page; OR look for the drop-down menu that appears.)


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